Tuesday, November 27, 2012

SNOW and Surveys!

Great Tuesday Everyone!! SNOW!! It didn't amount to much, but it sure was pretty to look at today! Our math meeting helper Justin was able to put our very first "snowy day" picture onto our weather pictograph at his meeting! Woohoo! In me stretched our learning about graphing and data and conducted our very own survey! 16 students answered the question and collected their data using tally marks (because they're neat, and easy to count). Next, we applied our data to a bar graph taking care to include a title, observations, and careful counting, of course! Taking a proper survey that delivers true and accurate (even organized) information takes a lot of work! Well done friends! We worked on our spelling rule, long a vowel sound in word study and practiced ABC order! Writing workshop focused on how to "keep going" in a story, adding detail and painting a picture in the reader's head! Students worked on all kinds of writing today, personal narratives, fiction, and even poems taking care to include rich detail and describing words! We ended the day in PE with obstacle course and Ms. Gebo! Great day friends! Take some time to go to brain pop jr. and do your math homework! It's super fun! Try the "write about it" and "draw about it" options too!

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