Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Howdy Friends! Last catch up day on this work board before a new one tomorrow! In math today we practiced writing equations using our beans for concrete reinforcement! How many math facts do you think there are for all addends up to 13?? 14 is CORRECT! Well done friends! This might have been some of the most organized and neatest work I've seen in a while! Well done! Justin lead another excellent math meeting, and Niko followed with one super morning meeting! Speaking of morning meeting, what would YOU do with half a billion dollars? That was our question this morning, inspired by all the power ball hype. Responses ran the spectrum from buy a mansion to buy 100 horses and 100 puppies, to go to Florida, to get some more yo-yos! Nice! In the afternoon we talked about what good writers do and how good writers sometimes get stuck! Since we'd never ever waste a single second of writing workshop, we learned about how to write about things we know... story ideas about us! Library books tomorrow!

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