Thursday, November 15, 2012

Nurse Jeannie's Visit and Skip Couniting and Number Lines!

Howdy Friends! Another busy morning on the work board and in reading groups! In math we reviewed skip counting strategies (by 2's, 3's, 4's and 5's) and used number lines and the hundreds board to show our thinking! We even practiced skip counting backwards! Tricky! Aine lead a great morning meeting and brought back the drum greeting, Rockin' Robin, and the clothespin game! Well done Aine! We were visited by Nurse Jeannie who came and talked with us about the importance of a healthy breakfast! Morning routines can be tricky, sometimes rushed and sometimes we may even miss breakfast. Yikes! Knowing how important breakfast is can help you make the right choice, even on the busiest mornings! Breakfast is often cereal, oatmeal, pancakes (lucky), or eggs... but breakfast can also be quick and on the go! A cheese stick, banana or apple, granola bars, or even PB and J are all quick and easily portable too! And YES... cold left over pizza can even be breakfast too! Something's always better than nothing! In the afternoon, we learned about the first Thanksgiving, a true story about religious freedom, an incredibly long and difficult journey! We learned how truly difficult it must have been to be one of the early settlers, Pilgrims, and how Native Americans helped the Pilgrims survive! In the end, the first Thanksgiving should always be remembered, at least according to President Abraham Lincoln. And we AGREE!! So we will have our own celebration, in honor and in remembrance of that first Thanksgiving! We'll keep you posted on the details! What a great time to be a second grader! Fun Friday tomorrow, and I have some fun tricks up my sleeve... so to speak! See you tomorrow morning! Eat a good breakfast so you're ready to rock and roll... 2W style!

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