Monday, November 19, 2012

Guess My Number and Catch up (not Ketchup)!

What a productive Monday friends! We started on work board and today was catch up day while student's met in reading groups! Well done! In math we learned a fun new game with Mr. Jarzembowski called Guess my number. Students had to use what they learned about place value, greater than and less than, and apply yes and no questions to try and guess their partners mystery number! Harder than it seems, but we all got the hang of it today! Nice work! In spelling we used what we learned about silent (ninja) e and sorted our spelling words. In writing workshop we carefully thought of one word to describe our weekend, and built a story around that word. Every student had a different word and every story was equally unique! Student writers shared at the end of writing workshop and we got to hear some pretty interesting and well crafted weekend stories (great hair cut story Niko!! Still laughing, out loud)! Many thanks to Mr. Jarzembowski for planning some great activities for our learning in 2W today! Job well done! Tomorrow we will remember the true story of the first Thanksgiving and honor our learning by preparing a feast of thanks in 2W! Without much preparation time, Ms. W. was able to take your brainstorming ideas and get the ingredients we will need and use to make delicious home baked bread (with butter) and creamy, yummy mashed potatoes! Can't wait to work on our feast tomorrow morning and share our delicious work at snack... all together! Kate also said she'll be bringing in an apple crisp! WOW! Thanks Kate! So, get a good night's sleep and come prepared for baking, remembering, honoring, and of course, eating! It is also Tuesday, PE, sneakers please.

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