Friday, November 9, 2012

Student Athletes and Fact Families!

Greetings Friends! Hope you're all ready for a wonderful weekend, and with an extra day to honor our nation's veterans too! Today we stretched our learning with equations and addends up to 12 and practiced fact families! All the sums were 12, and all the equations had 2 addends. Every fact family has ONLY 3 numbers, that work together beautifully! Knowing fact families truly helps our mathematical thinking and how we make sense of numbers! Kirsten lead a wonderful morning meeting today, clothespin game, Daddy's Takin' us To the Zoo song, and the koosh greeting! Well done Kirsten! Student athletes visited our classroom today, and Remi, Emma, and Anna Lee all shared their thoughts about what it's like to be a part of a team. All play volley ball and all are varsity members of one very successful team! We listened to how they balance school work and practice, how important it feels being a member of a team, and how sports add to our fitness and overall health and well being! I think I spotted some future Frontier (second grade) student athletes in our midst today!! Have a great weekend friends! See you all Tuesday, when Mr. J will take over as lead teacher!

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