Monday, November 5, 2012

November Calendars and Alea's Morning Meeting

Greetings Friends! A great Monday to be in second grade! We caught up on work board jobs while readers met with reading groups! We also reviewed last weeks spelling rule (blends), before introducing our new spelling rule, words ending in _ng, and _nk. We payed attention to how the n sound changes, and how you can feel it in the back of your throat (weird, it's like we're swallowing the letters... cool)! We learned our words, then we sorted our words, and finally, read our words out loud after packing them up in our homework. Well done friends! In math we stretched our learning in calendar math and made November calendars! Next we answered some November calendar questions and some tricky money questions using our calendar! Way to go second graders! Alea had one fantastic morning meeting singing Oh Susana, the koosh greeting, and the clothespin game! Great meeting Alea! It was another short day with all our learning packed into one busy exciting morning! Just the way we like it! Thanks to everyone who came in for a conference! Tomorrow is a Teacher work day (and a day off for your student), see you all Wednesday for a full fun day of learning!

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