Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Addends to 12 and Dictionaries!

Howdy Friends! Another great day in second grade! We learned all our math facts up to 12 with beans today. Writing each equation, taking care to get each and every one, being organized, and doing it the second grade way! We also practiced our spelling rule (_nk and _ng) and learned about dictionaries today. Mrs. Granger would have LOVED it!! We looked at guide words and talked about how words are in ABC order in the dictionary. Then, it was on to finding our spelling words in the dictionary... practicing what we just learned! Well done friends! Katie lead one great morning meeting and Alea ran her second math meeting. Well done ladies! It's wacky word game Wednesday, so it was Jeopardy today! Students all broke off into small groups, which allowed every friend lots of turns answering questions and earning jeopardy points! Excellent job everyone! Tomorrow we will honor men and women who have served our country at our Veteran's Day Celebration, and is scheduled to take place outdoors.... brrrrr! Make sure you wear warm coats, hats, mittens and bundle up! It's also a library day, so bring in books so you can check out new ones! See you all then!

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