Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tuesday... P.O.W!!!

Greetings Friends! Hope you all enjoyed the long weekend! We arrived ready for Tuesday and Mr. Jarzembowski lead the class today as part of his mater teaching experience. He lead us through a new work board (fun!), and our new spelling rule, silent e. We problem solved in our P.O.W. journals in math and stretched our learning about money and counting coins. Showing our thinking is the most important part of problem solving in our journals, and recognizing important words. We finished P.O.W! with some friends sharing their thinking! Katie showed us how she used a greater than sign in her equation, while Georgia used addition to show how she added up the coin values! Everyone worked hard and showed some great work! Bianca lead her first math meeting of the week, while Trey held his first morning meeting! Well done friends! We wrote our weekend stories this afternoon, and Mr. Jarzembowski showed us how using dialogue can really liven up a story! First we learned what talking looks like in a story. Then how to use quotation marks, or talking marks. We read Mr. J's story carefully to make sure he "scooped up" all his talking with quotation marks, and reread it again. Once without the dialogue, and again, with the dialogue. It was totally clear that when the characters in a story are talking... it makes for a better story! Great job everyone! Mr. J will be in charge again tomorrow, and he has some great opportunities in store for our learning! Great day everyone!

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