Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Cafe Sun and Collect-A-Dollar!!

What a Wednesday! Students started the day on work board and in reading groups, as usual and everyone worked on the new Thanksgiving inspired literacy centers. In math Mr. Jarzembowski taught us a new game from Investigations, Collect A Dollar!! Using dice, students counted coins and added up, all the way to one dollar. Taking care to record our money, and how we added our money, while making coin exchanges (trades) along the way! What a great game and excellent coin counting practice! Justin lead his morning meeting and Bianca held another math meeting in the afternoon! Well done meeting leaders! In spelling we practiced more with silent e and how it makes the vowel long, or say it's name! It was Cafe Sun today, and Bianca lit up the stage singing her rendition of Wildwood Flower! WOW! Marcus and Aine told Jokes, and Niko and Justin performed a "s-l-o-w m-o-t-i-o-n" soccer game! Hilarious! This afternoon in writing work shop students talked about the word "and" and figured out when to use it, and how NOT to over use it! Great day friends, and thanks to Mr. Jarzembowski for his enthusiasm and fun lessons for today! Tomorrow is Thursday... sneakers for P.E. and library books please!

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