Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Kaela's Morning Meeting and Odd/Even Numbers!

Way to get our Wednesday started Kaela! Great morning meeting. We tried our hand at tossing the red squishy ball with our greeting, and sang Sandwiches (and sounded awesome) then played one very tricky round of the clothespin game! So tricky even Ms. Worthley couldn't find it! Great job Makayla... and Kaela! We practiced u in handwriting, and worked with short u vowel sound in word study! First, we had to think about synonyms, and words that have the same or similar meaning as our spelling words! We also had to choose words based on meaning (vocabulary) and complete spelling sentences! Well done friends!
Immediately after word study it was ON to our new addiction... writing, composing, and revising SPOOKY STORIES!! Today we were inspired by "The Spider That Saved Halloween"! Next we reviewed our spooky word list, and Yuni, BRAVELY, offered her story to share to help our learning! After reading Yuni's story about monsters and pumpkins, and things "rumbling under beds" (YIKES), we helped her craft an ending to her story with our suggestions! And talk about good suggestions, WOW! I can't wait to see how she decided to end her story tomorrow when we revise and illustrate our stories! This has been one exciting, productive, and impressive writing workshop theme! Well done spooky story writers!
In math we learned about odd and even numbers and what makes a number either odd, or even. Every single number is one, or the other, and learning about odd and even numbers help us think about and understand numbers in more creative ways!
Danny ended the day with yet another fabulous math meeting! We took some time out to talk about "full body listening" and truly showed Danny how great we are at listening and participating in a meeting! Well done everyone! Library tomorrow.... remember to bring your library books to school please, so you can borrow some new ones!

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