Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Monday and Tuesday!! Owen and Zenani's Meetings and More With Place Value!

Our week is off to a great start! Monday Owen ran his first morning meeting and it was awesome! Everyone else following the meeting did an exceptional job, as well, paying attention and supporting every part of our meeting (song, greeting, message, and game)! Now that's how you start the work week! We worked with a new word study principle, short o vowel sound, and worked with a new word list (sorting, categorizing, vocabulary, rhyme, and phonetic substitutions)! We learned what dialogue is, and how to put talking into your story to make it more interesting! Friends experimented with this new writing strategy, and we came up with a lot of great stories, with a lot of dialogue! Well done writers!
Zenani ran her very first math meeting this week, complete with calendar math, today's date in money, and the weather graph! Outstanding Zenani! After that, we worked more with place value and "built numbers" paying close attention to where each digit is in the number! We retired our author under study, Leo, Lionni, to a browsing box, and have filled our bookshelf with spooky stories, just in time for Halloween! We're just about done with our first work board, and students are really getting the hang of completing work independently and thoroughly! Ms. Worthley is always looking for "great work" to show off, especially when the work is neat, complete, and full of detail!
Tuesday was an equally great day! Juan was our morning meeting helper and started us off with "This Land Is Your Land", and the koosh greeting! We played the clothespin game, and were all surprised that even Jake was unaware he was hiding the clothespin on his shorts! CRAZY, but fun!! We continued our interest in spooky stories, and carried it right into writing workshop! After careful listening to "The Ghosteye Tree" we talked about spooky words, and what makes a story feel scary or suspenseful! We tried our hand at writing some of our very own spooky stories today with great success! Many stories even had dialogue! WOW! Well done writers! I can't wait to read and write more spooky stories tomorrow! Well done!
In math we stretched our learning about place value, and practiced writing our numbers with words, and digits/numerals! Hard work, and very rewarding! We read another spooky story this afternoon called Cranberry's Halloween! The scariest part of that story was the "bad guy" Mr. Grape! Yikes! More spooky stories tomorrow, and fun with equations in math... just the way we like it!

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