Monday, October 24, 2011

Tia and Danny and 2 FANTASTIC Meetings!

Hope you all had a great weekend! We were ready for action today, and Tia started us off with one terrific meeting! Rockin' Robin, Ms. Marbles, and a great message! We jumped right into a new spelling principle after snack... short u vowel sound! Using our words we practiced rhyme and spelling patterns in words (with short u, of course)! Writing workshop was full of weekend stories. We reviewed using dialogue in our stories, and strategies using dialogue to make our stories more interesting! Jake and Juan shared 2 great stories, one with lots of dialogue, and one with every word wall word spelled properly! Well done writers! We've been inspired by many of our spooky stories, our spooky word wall, and by each others amazing spooky, creepy stories!!!
In math, Danny starred in one of the best math meetings EVER! Seriously, Ms. Worthley could have taken the day off, no need for adult supervision! Danny P is IN THE HOUSE!! Well done Danny, and your weather question... outstanding! To answer the question, friends had to use both the bar graph, and the pictograph to form their answer! Way to go Zenanai! Math was all about beans, and facts to 11! We read 12 Ways To Get To 11, and worked on all our equations using beans! We started a new work board, Halloween style! OOoooooooo! We also learned a new ABC center job called "word art". Using our spelling words to write letters, spelling words (and spell the words properly, of course) in artistic, creative, colorful ways! FUN!
We ended the day with a mini presentation by our 6th grade friend Nina, who is sponsoring a food drive to help the Foodbank of Western MA! She taught us what non-perishable food is, and talked about what it might feel like to be hungry, and not have enough food to nourish your body. Perhaps those who are able might offer some canned goods, or nonperishable items, peanut butter, or even cans of tuna! All great choices! Thanks Nina, for inspiring us to contribute!
Tomorrow, PE, sneakers please.

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