Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brady's Meeting and Adding Tens!!

Greetings Friends! Brady started our busy day with a great morning meeting! Sandwiches was music to our ears! The koosh greeting and message went equally well! Awesome job everyone, way to start the day Brady! Well done! We continued writing, what has officially become our new addiction... SPOOKY STORIES!! I can't wait for you to read some of these incredible, suspenseful, dark and scary stories! WOW! Impressive writers! In math we learned how to organize our thinking (and counting) with an organized list! When adding tens to make 100, how can you be organized? How can you make sure you include all the combinations of tens that make 100? I'll tell you how, you organize your work, organize your thinking! We had the option of using our super cool neon orange tens sticks, and everyone made quick work of organizing their tens... and their work! Work board went well, and we'll be ready for a new work board on Monday! Halloween work board! Ooooooo... can't wait! Cali will share her V.I.P. tomorrow, and I can't wait to listen and learn about this very special friend! Fun Friday tomorrow! See you bright and early!

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