Wednesday, October 19, 2011

More Spooky Stories and Comparing Numbers!!

Greetings Friends! What a great day! We started with morning meeting and the singing was awesome! This Land Is Your Land was GREAT! The koosh greeting was also well done. There was quite a lot of "blurting", however (when everything that pops in your head pops out of your mouth... sometimes you just can't help yourself). But... since it was a meeting, we all agreed that we need to follow our meeting rules, and Brady will run another meeting in the morning. Way to be patient, Brady, we'll make it up to you tomorrow morning. WE CAN DO IT!
We listened to another spooky story: In A Dark Dark Room! We added more scary words to our word list, and writers were off and running! Kaela shared her spooky story, and allowed us to give her some amazing ideas for what could happen next! Wow! I sure hope she sticks with that story. Students are really enjoying writing spooky stories, and coming up with some really spine tingling adventures! Well done writers! You could have heard a pin drop in writing workshop (and no one wanted to stop... outstanding)!
Zenani ran another fabulous math meeting, and friends were very attentive and supportive with their participation! Now that's how a meeting should go! Great job! In math we took what we've learned about place value, and began to compare numbers! We learned and used the greater than sign >, and the less than sign <, to complete equations! Lots of mathematical thinking, comparisons, and number writing too! Great problem solving! And with some pretty thoughtful, challenging problems! Not easy second graders! Well done! We ended the day with work board and catch up day. Our next (Halloween themed) work board is ready to go! Can't wait to share it with you all friends!
Tomorrow is Thursday, Library day, return your books so you may borrow some new ones!

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