Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Jake's Morning Meeting and Dictionaries!!

Greetings Everyone! Jake got our day started with one super morning meeting! The cube greeting was full of clever voices... rock and roll, under water, and a new one, cowboy style! Nice Jake! The clothespin game was equally awesome, and I think everyone loved singing Chicken Lips! Well done Jake! We practiced lots of phonetic substitutions in spelling with our spelling words, and used dictionaries to find spelling words too! We all agreed, using dictionaries is something we hope to do a lot more often! Spooky story writing was another success, and students worked on favorite stories, or started new spooky stories. We will choose our favorite story on Thursday, and "revise" it to get it ready for readers! More on "revising" later. Looking forward to our spooky story sharing time on Monday... Halloween! Ooooooo!
In math we reviewed all our math facts to 11, and jumped right into fact families! Three numbers that always go together to make math fact families, like 11, 5, and 6! Or 11, 7, and 4! Even 11, 10, and 1... you get the idea! Knowing our fact families will help us with math computation fluency, and helps us understand how numbers work together!
We learned a new center for work board today called too-ba-loo, and we can't wait to get started! Our new Halloween work board is ready to roll tomorrow, so get a good sleep, and see you in the morning! Hoping Tia's feeling better... you were missed today! PE tomorrow, sneakers please!

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