Thursday, October 6, 2011

Paragraphs, Proofreading, and Equations!!

Greetings Friends!! To all who came to Open House... THANK YOU!! How nice it was to meet you all and put names and faces together! A special thanks to our amazing SES PTO for a great free tasty seasonal dinner, and for Henry the Juggler to entertain students while parents listened to teacher's presenta- tions! Our PTO is the BEST!!
So, Thursday! We began our day with a new greeting, the "Did you know..." greeting and practiced posing questions as part of our greeting! We rocked out to "Rockin' Robin" and played the clothespin game! Way to start the day second graders! In writing workshop we worked on proof- reading and paragraph writing (with our spelling words). I must say, last week we learned this for the first time, and today, we were professional paragraph writers!! WOW! Great work Kaela and Makayla.... and EVERYONE! Very impressive! We started day 2 of our first work board, and reading groups met with Ms. Worthley. I must say, work board was much more quiet and productive today! Well done 2W! In math we reviewed what we know about equations and the equals sign. Then we really ROCKED some amazing equations paying close attention to the equals sign. Remember, equals simply means everything on the left side, and everything on the right side of the equals sign has to be the same. Simple... right... well, we put this to the test today, and had a lot of fun too! Our new October author under study is Leo Lionni, and today we read two of his stories, Alexander and the Wind Up Mouse, and Swimmy. Wow... Leo sure does like to write stories with reptiles, fish and little furry creatures (usually with a heartwarming theme, love, friendship, and "be unique", be yourself)! We loved Marc Brown, but we sure do love Leo Lionni so far too!! We ended the day with picture day, and YES... second grade had to go ALL DAY before getting our pictures taken, and , boy, did we LOOK GOOD!! Our 10 minute afternoon break was full of sunshine and fresh air outside! And... one great soccer game! Lola, Brady, Julienne, and Ms. Worthley took on Jake, Danny P., Danny G., Joe and Tia. What a game! Best 10 minutes of soccer I've had in a long time! After our afternoon break, we came back to class for some interesting conversation about Mr. Christopher Columbus. Jake lead one rousing game of Zelda to end our day, way to go Jake! Great day friends, loved every minute! Tomorrow: Homework and computers!

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