Friday, October 14, 2011

Jame's Morning Meeting and Juan's V.I.P!!

Fun Friday was a little soggy, but that didn't dampen our day! James began the day with the jellyfish greeting, Rockin' Robin, and a twist on Mrs. Marbles (as in Mr. Marbles)! Well done James! We reviewed equations in the morning with a little help from our friends! Remembering, simply, that both sides of the equals sign off the equation must be the same, or equal! We drew pictures to show our thinking, and volunteers solved the missing addend in many equations! Well done second grade! We loved our "buddy" work with our spelling packets (short i vowel sound) and included meaning, word families, rhyme, antonyms and synonyms in our work! What would you do if you were principal for a day? That's what writing workshop was all about today. What would your day look like? Would you make any changes? What would you like to see happen? Students shared their stories (as always) at our authors share afterward today. Everyone agreed, we ought to share them with Mr. Merritt as well, just in case he needs a little "back-up" while he's away from school! In math we talked about place value. First, we talked about one digit and two digit numbers (and what a digit is)!! Then, we bundled groups of tens, and wrote those numbers paying close attention to counting (precision matters)! Our student athlete, Brian, joined us this afternoon for some work board, and even participated in the literacy activities himself! Thanks Brian (GO Red Hawks)!!
We ended the day with Juan's VIP! Juan shared some beautiful family photos and explained important memories, helping us all get to know him a little bit more! Well done Juan! We had a wonderful Friday! See you all rested and ready for Monday!

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