Thursday, October 13, 2011

Heads or Tails and Yuni's Great Meeting!!

Wow! Yuni might have hosted one of the best morning meetings EVER!! The handshake greeting followed Rockin' Robin (great choice), and the clothespin game was awesome! In writing workshop we used our spelling words to "categorize" words, and talked about antonyms (opposites)! We talked about how "posters" are another special kind of writing, and what makes a good poster. We proofread a poster, made corrections, and even tried making our own poster (about the next all school sing... very exciting)! After quiet reading, we were ready for work board. We had a very productive day in literacy centers, writing mini-books, sorting words in ABC order, reading Scholastic News, and choosing our favorite character from Marc Brown stories! Well done second graders! And can we talk about "great work" for a moment. Tia's spooky story from our writing center was AMAZING! Tia... who knew??? This young writer turned a spooky story into one of the funniest stories we've ever, EVER read by a second grade author! Way to "GO FOR IT"! Well done Tia, that's what great writers do! Great work!
In math we learned a new game called "heads or tails" where we counted dimes and pennies (can you say base-10... money style?)! Great practice not only in counting money, but in organizing our work space/counting coins, turn taking, and cooperative learning! Well done friends! Our magic number today was 7, and WOW... we made 7 in OH SO MANY WAYS!!! Outstanding friends! Truly impressive!
Tomorrow... homework due, computers in the morning, see you then!

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