Friday, October 7, 2011

Makayla's Meeting and Danny's VIP!!!

Greetings All! Another busy day starting with equation review! We went over yesterday's question: if 6 plus (triangle) equals 6 plus (hexagon)... what do we know about triangle and hexagon? Very thoughtful question. We visualized the question and many came to an understanding that triangle and hexagon have to be the same! Tricky!
Makayla hosted her first morning meeting, and we all agreed on one thing. She should have another meeting as we can do much better at following her lead and remembering our meeting rules. While having a lot to say is usually a good thing, If we all say whatever pops in our head during a meeting, well, we're not really having a meeting. Makayla was incredibly understanding, and we will give her another opportunity on Tuesday so we can "fix it up" with her and help her have the best meeting ever! That's what good friends do! Support each other, especially when they have a very important job leading the class! Writing workshop was busy with letters and writing to our SES PTO! We talked about Open House, and thought about all the wonderful enrichment opportunities PTO brings to our school, and decided to thank them directly! Very thoughtful letters, friends, and clearly Henry the Juggler was a huge hit!! Not to mention a tasty free delicious potato dinner for EVERYONE who came! WOW!
In math we reviewed equations with unifix cubes and actually built number sentences, while our partner wrote the equation! So fun, concrete, hands-on learning to reinforce all our work with equations! Way to go Juan and Owen, you're equations were truly amazing!!
Brian, our Frontier student athlete came for another visit and informed us that the Red Hawks won their game last Friday!!! Go Brian! He helped us appreciate different "points of view" when it comes to Christopher Columbus. Ms. Worthley read Jane Yolen's version of Columbus's story, and Brian read Jean Marzollo's version of his story. We noticed that the stories were about the same person and historical events, but with clearly two different points of view. Interesting. Even the illustrations conveyed different emotion and feeling! Well done second grade! We ended our afternoon with Danny's VIP! What a full, exciting life Danny has! Great job on the survey Danny! You make one good lookin' Buzz Lightyear!
Have a wonderful fall weekend with family and friends everyone! See you bright and early Tuesday morning!

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