Monday, November 7, 2011

Cali's Morning Meeting and Owen's Math Challenge!!

Greetings, and good to be back, after a week without power!! My apologies for leaving our daily blog for so long, but we're back, and ready for action!! Monday! Cali started the day with a great morning meeting complete with Sandwiches, a great greeting (full of silly witch and rock and roll voices), and the clothespin game (quite a favorite)!! Well done Cali! Our morning began with word study and a review of short vowel sounds. And I'm talkin' ALL the vowels! Listening carefully to the sounds in words can help us know how to spell words properly! Vowel sounds aren't as easy as they seem, but after this week, we should have enough practice to know our vowel sounds, and add the correct vowel when spelling words! Along with practicing rhyme and meaning with words!
In writing workshop we finalized the last piece of our Spooky Story Publishing Project by adding an "about the author" page to our stories. We read and learned about how many famous authors chose to write about themselves (John Lithgow, Roald Dahl) and tried this kind of writing ourselves! An author's share is in the works very soon... so stay tuned! In math we reviewed what we learned about odd and even numbers, along with place value, and played "guess my secret number"! Harder than you think, but a lot of fun if you like thinking about math, and about numbers! Owen ran a great math meeting and is ready for tomorrow's challenge... "days in school... in money"! Can't wait Owen! We ended the day with work board and catch up day, working on many literacy jobs while Ms. Worthley meets with readers.
Another great day friends!
No School tomorrow (in service day for teachers), and half day on Wednesday. Hoping I will see everyone who missed their conference due to school cancellation last Wednesday. If not, no worries, we will reschedule. Second grade got off to a great start and is really humming along! See you all Wednesday morning, ready to roll!

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  1. Everyone looked so happy to be back at school and with friends. I bet those second graders had lots of energy!!! Tuesday will be a nice sunny day and hopefully everyone will get lots of outdoor time on their day off. Keep up the great work second graders