Thursday, September 12, 2013

Problem Solving and Hopes and Dreams!!!

Howdy Friends! Another busy day full of weather events, perseverance, and GREAT WORK!! We started with math and Jenaily lead her very first math meeting! Next, we became problem solvers! First we learned how to read a problem and find important words. Next, we thought about all the important words and decided our problem was about subtraction. Next, we learned strategies to solve problems and show our thinking! And we did a rather outstanding job too! WOW! After math and snack, we did more reading and practiced how to write about what we read!! Today we learned different ways to think about what we read... and how to write about our reading! Some friends wrote about what they learned, some, about what they thought about, and others wrote about their favorite part of a story!! Next, in morning meeting, we sang our new song, "All the Children of the World", and tried a new greeting with the drum!!! Very cool! We also recorded how we would cope with today's weather on our question of the day (a line plot graph)! Then it was on to the clothespin game! And we loved it!! Que water... lots of water and perseverance will be needed today!! After quiet reading, Sukhman shared his reading response and his work! Well done Sukhy!! Great job! We ended our day in writing workshop, as usual, and practiced making our writing better, while focusing on how to write a complete sentence! Hunter, bravely, allowed us to reread his writing about hopes and dreams, and we worked together to make the writing better! Outstanding Hunter! Hopes and dreams are just about the best thing a writer could write about! Great day!!

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