Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Odd and Even Numbers... Pairs!

Greetings Friends! Another busy Tuesday started with Phelgay's math meeting! That's where we reviewed what we learned about the 100's board and number patterns, and introduced our learning for today... odd and even numbers! We learned about how important it is to know what "pairs" are and how to tell if a number is odd or even. Every number is either one or the other (odd or even), and today we started our learning about the importance of odd and even numbers, how they work together, and about all the patterns they make! Phewwwww! A lot to cover, and we'll continue with our learning tomorrow! We continued working in our handwriting notebooks and talked about "frog-jump" capital letters. We learned how important capital letters are, and when we need to use them! Next, we practiced! Slow, neat, letters that land on the line! In reading workshop we reviewed our learning about how to think while you read and how to retell a story. We also practiced using our "transition words" which are very important when you retell a story that you've just read! With what little time we had left in our morning, we were rewarded with... more reading!!! Only with a buddy! This might be our most beloved activity in 2W... reading with a buddy, while talking about your reading, and all with a shared enthusiasm about the topic and what you're learning!! WOW! Now that's a "win-win"!! Tuesday meant day 2 of learning our new spelling program, and our work and learning continued, courtesy of short a vowel sound! We talked about rhyming words, word endings, and played games making phonetic substitutions!! Fun! Then we practiced writing our spelling words on our recording sheets! Well done! In the afternoon we continued our read aloud story, Frindle by Andrew Clement! A smart, irreverent, fun loving boy faced with the challenges of school, homework... and Mrs. Granger! So far we love it! Friends couldn't help but notice what good care Ethan is doing keeping our pencils sharp! Last week Royal was on pencil duty, and he did a spectacular job! This week, Ethan has taken his pencil-duties seriously, and our pencils never looked better! Jobs and responsibility is another important part of being a second grader in 2W!! Tomorrow is Wednesday... PE... sneakers please.

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