Saturday, September 14, 2013

Friday... the 13th!!!!

Nothing but fun and learning this Friday... even though it was "Friday the 13th"!! It started with Jenaily and her job as math meeting helper! She shared calendar math, days in school, and counting money! Well done Jenaily! Next in math we practiced what we learned solving problems. We used strategies we learned to show our thinking and solve problems the second grade way! Next, at morning meeting we sang our new song "Hello" in many different languages (so cool) and practiced the tambourine greeting! After the greeting we read our message and played a quick round of "boppity bop bop bop"! Next, it was onto our work in reading workshop! We talked about how readers can think while they read, and what kind of thinking we can do... we can learn, we can think about our favorite part, or we can make connections! Next, it was time to practice what we learned about writing about what we read!! Kelsey shared what she wrote after reading "Arthur's Baby" by Marc Brown (a second grade favorite author), and how it reminded her of her very own baby sister! Great connection Kelsey!! Hunter shared what he wrote after reading a Magic Tree House book about the Titanic! Heavy topic, and a very thoughtful response about what he learned! And with one spectacular illustration to go along with his writing! Well done Hunter! After doing such a great job on our reading and reading responses... we were rewarded with... MORE READING!! And everyone was super excited! We ended our morning reading with buddies, talking about our reading and learning, and getting excited about our shared interests and enthusiasm to learn more! Later today we learned a new student would be joining our 2W community, and we couldn't be more excited! So, writers workshop was spent talking about how to write a "friendly letter" and what we could say in this letter to make our new friend feel welcome and comfortable! We talked about the structure of a letter and how all the parts work together to communicate our thoughts, feelings, and ideas! We solicited some important vocabulary, and thoughtfully wrote to our new friend Lucas, who we will welcome on Monday!! It was fun Friday... so what better way to end a great week, than with our 2B buddies and some rousing new songs! We taught our 2B friends our new favorite song "Hello" and sang rounds of "Black Socks"! Last song of the day was "Oh Susanna"... which we quickly tweaked and changed into a new song called... "Oh Sukhemann"... and everyone loved it! Well done Sukhemann!! Mrs. Cialek will be back from Nature's Classroom on Monday, but our deepest thanks to Ms. Nowak for all the help, guidance and support she gave us this week. She didn't want to leave, and I'm not surprised... 2W friends are the best kind to have! Thanks Ms. Nowak!! Welcome back Mrs. Cialek!!

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