Saturday, September 7, 2013

Friday Fun Facts and Second Grade Sing!

Greetings! We've sure been busy in 2W... establishing routines and learning all about tools, expectations and how we will learn together! In math we used what we've learned this week and did some problem solving! Using our math facts we practiced fact families and had to problem solve! Learning some new math vocabulary as well... equation, sum, and difference! All important words to help us understand and use math to help solve problems! Having reviewed facts this week, we brought our skills to "brain pop jr." and tackled some more problems! Using tools like cubes and "bugs" we were able to see the problems as we solved them! At morning meeting we learned another new greeting and song! We even sang the new song in a round! Very cool, and not so easy!! We also took our first look at (what will be one of many) line-plot questions related to our "hopes and dreams" project. What do you hope for this year in second grade... let's take a look... I call that an interesting result! Lot's of second grade soccer players in the house!! Our morning quickly flew by, but not without some quiet reading and more exploring in our classroom library! We ended our Friday, as we often do, with a second grade "sing" and invited our 2B neighbors to join us! We tried singing more new songs, and in rounds, along with some old favorite songs! Pretty exciting! Second grade sounds pretty good together!! Now that's how you end the first of many "fun Fridays"!! Well done second graders!

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