Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Reading, Writing, and Jenaily Rocks the Math Meeting!

How do you start a busy Wednesday? With one spectacular math meeting, thanks to Jenaily! She's been running our math meetings all week, and she keeps getting better and better! Calendar math, days in school, and counting money never looked better! A big job... well done! We reviewed what we learned about doubles facts, and how they help us solve addition and subtraction problems too! Some friends worked on doubles riddles. While others practiced their doubles facts with new problems to solve. And EVERYONE loved using their desk top math helpers too! Different friends, doing different jobs, all about doubles... and very busy! One of the best math workshops we've had in a while... just the way we like it! Jack brought in seaweed chips yesterday at snack and everyone was curious... so Ms. W. kept her promise... to bring in seaweed chips for everyone to try! Almost everyone loved trying this new snack flavor... kinda salty, chewy, and yummy! Who doesn't LOVE a new snack discovery! Thanks Jack! At morning meeting we shared the tambourine greeting, played "boppity bop bop bop", and Sang our new favorite "Hello to all the Children of the World"! After morning meeting we practiced what we learned about writing about our reading and "retelling" a story in our writing! We read Arthur's New Puppy by Marc Brown and loved it! Next we used what we learned about transition words to help sequence the retell! Only our second retell, and it was even better than the first! Well done second graders! Ms. W. was out in the afternoon and Mrs. Williams left me a note about the afternoon... how things went.... I wonder what it says? We'll read it together tomorrow! P.E. tomorrow... sneakers please.

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