Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Another Busy Day....

Wow! Another busy day... complete with a (not so intrusive, ever so distracting) mid-morning thunder storm! And here it goes!! We read about our ideas for classroom rules yesterday and met in groups today to narrow down our priorities! Great work second graders! And tomorrow we will unveil our classroom rules... in your own words! We also learned how to follow directions the second grade way! Along with following directions, and finding our work, we learned a very important word and skill... persevere! So important when you care about your work and your learning! Not always easy, but perseverance will lead us to greatness in second grade, that's for sure!! And persevere we did... today we followed our math icon to our work and practiced fact families!! Knowing fact families will help us learn our math facts! Every friend followed directions and completed their work... the second grade way! Well done friends! Great work! We also learned the tambourine greeting at morning meeting... eye to eye, taking care... to show you care! We also read Sheila the Brave by Kevin Henkes, and talked more about how we can write about what we read! Next, we talked about what we've learned about buddy reading and quiet reading! What's the same and what's different? Some chose to buddy read.... Reading with a friend, and a book while we learn! Or quiet reading... also reading, with a book, and learning, but alone! We also talked about our hopes and dreams for second grade while we brainstormed what we hope to accomplish this year! Then we zoomed in on some personal goals, learning goals, and friendship goals for this year! Last, but not least, we talked about classroom jobs and what we need to do to take care of our classroom! After learning how to use and care for scissors the 2W way, we cut out our helping hands to get them ready for our "helping hands" job chart! This sure was one, full, busy, productive day full of learning... just the way we like it! With many more to come!

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