Monday, September 23, 2013

What a beautiful beginning to the week! We started our Monday with Phelgay's math meeting, and he did a great job! We quickly followed with a lesson on the 100's chart. How to use it as a problem solving strategy while noticing and finding many cool patterns on a 100's chart! Next we made our own 100's chart puzzles and wrote all the numbers from 1 to 100 on a blank 100's chart! Great practice and using your 100's chart is a great strategy to help add, subtract, and problem solve in math!! Thank you 100's chart... we LOVE you!! Snack is after math, and nothing like finding a customized, personal note on your very own napkin... courtesy of Mom! How nice! After snack we were on to morning meeting and the scarf greeting! We sang our new favorite, Rockin' Robin, and played the clothespin game! Well done friends! Great meeting! We launched handwriting last week, and today we reviewed upper case and lower case letters! We remembered how important it is to "sit like a writer" with your helping hand and writing hand, big and tall in your chair. We love our handwriting books and will continue to practice forming our letters and writing neatly so friends can read our writing! In reading workshop we practiced quiet reading with a book of our choice. Next, we wrote about our reading... independently. Students remembered what we practiced when we write the title and author's name, along with what we can think about or question while we read! We also officially launched our spelling program today, and began with short a vowel words as our first spelling pattern! We will practice short a in a variety of ways while we learn about how our spelling routines work. Spelling words went home with homework, but students may practice their words any way they want (simply read or write... more on that later). We ended the day in writing workshop and more small moments! Writers remembered small moments that they experienced over the weekend and wrote about them. We also used our own, personal word walls that we can keep at our desks and learned how to write words by saying the word and listening to the sounds in the work! Great tools for great writing! Our week's off to a great start!!

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