Thursday, September 5, 2013

Writing Workshop!

Today second grade friends did a lot of reading and writing, and that was just the way we liked it! In reading workshop we read Lilly's Purple Plastic Purse together, and what a story it was!! Lilly seemingly loved her teacher, Mr. Slinger... the coolest of cool teachers who had tasty snacks and wore fancy ties! Lilly adores Mr. Slinger... until her purse, coins, and fancy shmancy sunglasses become a distraction! When Mr. Slinger takes Lilly's purse from her... now that's when the story really begins!!! After we enjoyed Lilly's story, we wrote about what we read. We remembered that reading IS THINKING, and talked about connections and questions we had about the story! We talked about how to think about and write a comment or question about what you read. We also practiced writing the title of a book using capitals! Almost all the words in a title start with a capital letter. What a great story and great practice for upcoming homework in second grade! In writing workshop we reread our stories from yesterday so we could "keep going" in our story, and make changes to make our story better (personal narratives)! Robert bravely allowed us to reread his story and think about how to "ZOOM-IN" on certain parts of the story! Writing... important... more on writing workshop later! Well done writers!

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