Friday, May 25, 2012

Fun Friday! Thank You Mrs. Williams!!

Way to start fun Friday, Danny! Great morning meeting and awesome game of sparkle!! James and Owen were our sharing friends this morning. James shared a great story he crafted at yesterday's writing workshop, and Owen shared some extremely cool drawings inspired by Ed Emberly! Well done boys! We caught up on work board, and truly enjoyed our last day with super awesome substitute teacher Mrs. Williams! She's been pinch hitting for Mrs. Cialek for over a month, and she has turned into a very special member of the 2W family! We will miss you Mrs. Williams, and are so grateful for everything you did to help second grade run smoothly! This afternoon, we continued our geometry unit and reviewed attributes of solids and shapes (2-D and 3-D). We listened to our cool rap about 3-D shapes, and also watched a 3 minute brainpop... and LOVED IT!! Mrs. Schumacher helped our at read aloud today and Matilda never sounded better! We ended the day in writing workshop and continued working on yesterday's writing prompt: If you could order a new friend on line... what kind of friend would you order? We practiced how a careful writer rereads and checks to make sure everything they need is in their writing, and how to add words and ideas and pictures, to make your story better! It wasn't just a fun Friday, it was super productive! Well done friends! We are ready to "finish strong" in second grade! It might be the end of May, but we still have lots of inspiring, exciting work to do! Great day! Enjoy the weekend, and remember, Memorial Day is a time to remember all who have served our country! See you Tuesday!

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