Thursday, May 3, 2012

Malawi, Money and Matilda!!

Another busy day in second grade! Lola started us off with a great meeting full of singing, sparkle, and a great greeting! After library we worked with our spelling rule "double O, OO" to sort words according to rhyme, meaning, and categorization! Check out the box to the right and see how COOL and GROOVY our spelling rule really is! Reading and work board filled out the rest of our busy morning! We did manage to squeak in some outdoor recess (YAY) between the mist and rain drops. In math we continued to practice counting and writing money (over a dollar)! Great job! Very impressive! We ended the day getting ready to write our press releases for our Malawi project! Students will invite the school community to guess how many Hershey kisses are in the jar... and each guess will only cont ten cents! Every student will be given a dime and encouraged to make at least one guess, and hopefully, learn a little about our Malawi pen pals in the process! Later students will perform a play while offering a bake sale after... more on that later. As is the case every year, students choose how and what they want their service project to look like, and work toward helping our friends across the globe! Nice! If you haven't gotten your permission slips in yet, please get them in asap. Thanks! Get a good nights sleep and come in ready for Fun Friday!!

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