Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Geometry!!! Shapes, Sides, Angles, and Attributes!

Another busy day in second grade! Zenani started our day with a great morning meeting, and we were off to music with Mr. Hines! It was Danny's sharing day, and even though he had some (lego-style) "deconstruction" issues on the bus ride to school, he quickly fixed it all up, and was ready to share! What resilience, Danny! Way to cope with an unexpected situation on the spot! No worries, no quitting, no doubting... just fixing and moving on to sharing! Outstanding!! We caught up on work board while Ms. W. and Mrs. Williams met with reading groups. In the afternoon we started a new unit on geometry! After talking about what we already know about geometry, we watched Annie and Moby talk about shapes! We talked about the attributes of different shapes too! By the way... did any second graders use the word "attributes" at the dinner table tonight?? If you did... I want a full report!! We will review our learning in geometry tomorrow and practice what wwe know about shapes with a "Shape Hunt"! After math we were off to the computer lab for fluency practice! Some students worked on place value, some on math facts, some on odd and even numbers, and some even tackled multiplication facts! NICE EVERYONE! While we were indeed a little too chatty for the library, we got in some good practice, and will try to do even better next time! Remember... the only way... the best way... to learn those pesky math facts is to PRACTICE!!! A tiny bit, each and every day, will help you know them (with out fingers and number lines)! We ended the day in PE with Ms. Gebo, followed by Harry's game of Zelda! Well done Harry. Zelda seemed to take on the form of... a four legged creature, but it was still Zelda! Good work Harry! Remember... Shapes have angles and sides!!!! Great day friends! See you all tomorrow!

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