Thursday, May 24, 2012

More Geometry and Mrs. Cialek!!!

Buenos dias Amigos!! Alena got our day started with Oh Susanna, sparkle, and the koosh toss greeting! Nice Alena! And thanks for the help Jake (substitute for today) who took his job seriously and got morning ready for Alena to jump right in and lead the show! Team work! We reviewed our spelling rule (syllables) and practiced separating our spelling words according to the syllable chunks, all while rainbow writing! Wow! Excellent job friends! Everyone caught up on work board today... with some supplemental jobs for those who have completed the work board... Time Match Bingo, and story summaries! In math we stretched our learning in geometry to include solids, 3 dimensional shapes! We examined the attributes of cubes, cones, rectangular prisms, pyramids, spheres, and cylinders! It was so fun, we thought we'd rap about it! Check it out for yourself! After Brady's awesome math meeting, we had a surprise visit from our very own Mrs. Cialek! Everyone's heart was full, and loved every minute of updating Mrs. Cialek on the latest news and information as it related to 2W!! We ended the day with writing workshop and writing to a prompt... If you could order a friend on line... what kind of friend would you order (characteristics, attributes). Writers had some BIG ideas of what kind of friend they'd want, and had some very creative ways of sharing their ideas in writing! Well done second grade! Great day everyone!

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