Monday, May 14, 2012

Juan and Harry Start Monday Meetings!

Greetings friends! Juan started our rainy Monday with a great morning meeting! Oh Susanna, sparkle, and the koosh greeting! Well done Juan! We started working with a familiar spelling rule, digraph sh, ch, and th, at the ends of words and stretched what we learned by sorting and using vocabulary and context clues! Nice work! Work board was quite busy! Mrs. Williams and her reading group met for much of the morning reading and discussing Aunt Lucie's Kitchen, and Ms. Worthley met with all other friends! Excellent! You know it's a good morning when every teacher meets with every reading group in second grade! Well done friends! In math we tackled a pretty challenging P.O.W. dealing with money! Everyone worked very hard to sort what we know, and what we're trying to solve... all using pictures, words, numbers to show our thinking! Great job friends! Harry ran a super math meeting too! We ended our day with weekend stories and had some friends share their writing! Great day everyone! Have a great day tomorrow friends!

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