Sunday, May 6, 2012

Kisses for Malawi!!

Great Friday Friends!! Jake and Juan started the day with announcements telling the SES Student body about our kisses for Malawi project beginning in the cafeteria today! Well done boys! Makayla ran a super morning meeting with our favorite game, sparkle! At computers we did some research on Malawi, the food, climate, and culture, and later did some fact writing based on our research. One very cool package arrived in the mail today, and the class collectively opened it to discover letters written to each and every student from our very own Mrs. Cialek! What a nice surprise! Everyone loved their letters, and can't wait to see Mrs. Cialek soon! In the afternoon, after a busy lunch full with dime collecting and guess collating, we went back to the classroom and devised a system to collect and keep track of our data! Our student teacher Nicole had her last day with us today, and we celebrated with a beautiful letter she wrote to us, and an unexpected bag of treats! Good luck Ms. G!! We'll miss you! Have a great weekend!

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