Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Show Me The Money!!

Great day friends! Catching up on work board this morning and meeting with readers! The afternoon was all about counting and writing money! We've learned how to do this when we have less than one dollar, but what's the correct way to write about money when you have over one dollar?? That's exactly what we learned today, and had lots of practice soon after! Friends were able to tackle some pretty tricky coin combinations when it came to counting, but that didn't stop us! Practice makes perfect, and practice we did, and will do again tomorrow! Great job second graders! We listened to Matilda again today, and still wonder how Ms. Trunchbull ever, EVER got into teaching. Ms. Honey... YES!! Ms. Trunchbull.... NO!!! Love this book! Tomorrow we will have library... remember your library books so you can check out some new ones! Great day friends! Let's do it again tomorrow!!

1 comment:

  1. WOWSER !!!! I can't believe all the awesome money counters in 2W. Looks like you have all been having a fun time with your learning that is no surprise Ms.W. is a "Rock star" I love seeing all your smiling faces on the blog and I love to hear what your learning. Nice illustration on the rain poem! Wow Jake, awesome reading!! The spots is one of my favorite stories.
    I am doing pretty good the only problem is that I miss you all nery much!! If I can get this to send you will hear from me more often. Have fun learning friends!! Keep up the GREAT work!!
    LOVE, Mrs.C. xoxo