Friday, May 11, 2012

Laurenitis Farm and Mrs. Cialek!!!

How do I begin to describe the best FUN FRIDAY EVER?? Lets start with Harry's great morning meeting! Quickly followed by our field trip to Laurenitis Farm! We learned how much work goes into being a farmer, and how Laurenitis grows all their beautiful flowers and plants! We saw an irrigation system, up close, talked about heat, light and condensation in the green houses, and of course, a little about plant parts and how they grow, what they need. After that we made our very own pots with a variety of flowers and herbs to choose from! Our hosts Connie and Fred were gracious, informative, and loved their time with our second graders! WOW! Thanks to all our parent drivers who stopped their busy day to support our trip and help out! Fun! At lunch there were more dimes to collect, with our kisses for Malawi project! More on that next week. In math fun Friday earned it's name with a rousing game of SHOW ME THE MONEY! Teams (complete with team names) worked together to count money and write money, while adding money too! Great team work friends! Everyone wins on fun Friday in 2W... right Owen? Yes indeed! If that weren't enough, we ended our day with a very special visit with our beloved Mrs. Cialek! EVERYONE was beyond the moon with excitement! She's healing beautifully, looks amazing, and will be back soon! She also shared an incredible turtle shell and skull remnants she found by the water. WOW! So great seeing you Mrs. Cialek. Can't wait 'till June 4th! Have a great weekend friends! You all earned it! Happy Mother's Day to all the moms, step-moms, grandmothers, caregivers, and loving guardians of little ones everywhere! Great day friends! Doesn't get any better!

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