Thursday, May 10, 2012

Great Thursday Friends! Owen started our day with a great morning meeting! Well done Owen! Followed by sharing, where Julienne showed off his hard work learning and writing multiplication facts! Nice job Julienne! We worked in reading groups and on our new work board for most of the morning! Making connections to text, predicting and talking about comprehension all the focus of our reading! Paying close attention to how the author uses text to create a feeling or mood, or even show how characters sort out problems and change their point of view throughout a story... all parts of our hard work and thinking (while reading)! In math we learned a new game called Closest to 20 and we loved it! Using what we know about adding numbers, and sums closest to 20 were the focus! Well done friends! We ended the day with spelling sentences using our compound words, paying close attention to meaning, context, and mechanics of good writing, of course! Well done friends! Field trip tomorrow, eat a good breakfast and get a good night's sleep! We leave promptly at 9:45, drivers can arrive at school at 9:30. See you in the morning!!

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