Friday, May 18, 2012

Fun Friday and Malawi Math!!!

Fun Friday might have reached an all time high!!! What a day! Jake started with a rousing morning meeting! Sandwiches, ball toss greeting, and "this or that" game! Well done Jake! After computers we worked on work board and reading groups... very productive morning friends! Ms. W had recess duty, which, today, meant learning a new game with the ladies of second and third grade!! All I know is, there were mermaids, zombies, and ducks??? How entertaining, ladies! So fun! Oh, and by the way, take a look at the pavilion project the 6th grade class is working on! They've taken all their fundraising money and decided to build this amazing pavilion for our school and community! Legacy project, indeed! In the afternoon, we closed our "kisses for Malawi" service project, and had a lot of counting to do! Money counting, kiss counting , and guess sorting committees had a lot of work ahead of them! And count we did!! And, recount, and as if that wasn't enough, we recounted until we finally arrived at the same amount of kisses at least 2 times (right Jake!!!). Finally, counting complete... 295 kisses!!! (Oh, and by the way... many donations were made, including David's 5 spot today! Much appreciated Dave!!) There was a lot of integrity and fairness involved in this contest. We were later joined by our 4th grade buddies, to sort any left over guesses to find the closest, the winner! At first, Stevie (6th grade) was closest (with 270) but then, using our number line, we calculated the closest guesses from all participants! Ella (6th grade) was close, David and Manjo (1st grade) were even closer, and even Chief Gilbert was real close! In the end, it was our very own Brady.... second grade... who had the closest guess at 293! Well done Brady! What a great response from the Sunderland Elementary School Community too! We raised over 85 dollars in two weeks, which will go a very LONG WAY in helping our pen pals in Malawi with their school and materials! And thanks to our super awesome 4th grade buddies, who made math feel like loads of fun! Wandering folks who popped into 2W this afternoon thought it looked like the New York Stock Exchange, with all the paper flying, uproarious number calling, and certainly, with all the math calculations! We couldn't have ended fun Friday any better! Everyone contributed, everyone worked, and everyone felt truly proud of their contribution! Now that's what I call character, integrity, commitment, and perseverance toward a very worthy project! Well done everyone!!!! So proud of you all!

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  1. Congratulations Second Graders! Our Malawi friends are going to be so happy when they find out what all your hard work did for them. You are all amazing! I agree with Ms. W.when she mentioned she was so proud of all of you. That was alot of work but, you all made it look pretty easy and fun! Wait! What am I thinking, math in 2W. is always fun! I will be in this week to visit, have a happy Monday! Miss you all. Thanks Ms.W , I am so happy I have the blog to see all my 2W. friends and to keep up with their learning. xoxo Love, Mrs.C