Thursday, December 8, 2011

What's Your Super Hero Power??

Excellent, rigorous, and productive day friends! Skyler started us off with the koosh toss greeting, Chicken Lips song, and teeny weeny double clothespin game! Great meeting Skyler! Very well done! Next we worked with our spelling rule, digraph (ng) and consonant blend (nk) and sorted our words according to meaning, context, and rhyming patterns! Next it was on to the word hunt! Teams of students read text to hunt for hidden digraph and consonant blend words, and it wasn't easy to find all those words! Quite a challenge! More with that tomorrow!
Writing workshop was quite exciting! Today our writing was to a prompt. Students learned how to respond to a prompt and how to stretch your writing into a story! The prompt asked.... what is your hidden super hero power, and what would you do with your special powers? Wow! We had some incredibly creative responses and very imaginative stories to share (thanks Joe and Tia)! Everyone was so involved with their writing, they were a little irritated when writing workshop ended (and that's the way we like it)!! Next, we were in for a treat at quiet reading time... our new friend Harrison chose to bring in some books to share with his friends at school. Not just any books, but the MOST PERFECT second grade book choices a kid could have! Thanks Harrison! A mix of holiday stories, Henry and Mudge, Magic Tree House, and Walter Wick... just to name a few! Outstanding!
In math we practiced story problems with another POW (problem of the week)!! Today it was all about 13 (of course) but students had to problem solve with 2 variables. There were many ways to solve our problem today, and friends worked it one, two, and sometimes even three different ways! WOW! So smart!!
We almost finished Frindle today, and pretty much agreed that main character Nick Allen is NOT a trouble maker, just a smart kid with lots of great ideas!! Even his teacher, Ms. Granger took the time to make sure Nick knows what a cool kid he is! Wow, teachers can be strict, and hard sometimes, and still even be... well... nice? Way to go Ms. Granger! Our story ends tomorrow with one very BIG surprise at the end!
Work board was great today, and meeting with reading groups went better than usual! Remember, it's very important to make good choices for your learning, EVEN when a teacher is not looking! Feed your brain with lots of thinking and challenge! Your brain will thank you back!! Great day! Fun Friday tomorrow... homework due.

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