Monday, December 19, 2011

Meetings! Owen's Morning, and Cali's Math!

Well what a busy Monday folks! Owen got us started with his morning meeting and it was a doosey! Great singing, ball greeting, and sparkle! Love that game! Next we used our high frequency words to collect spelling words a new way. We used folder words that we are still learning, and will work with those (high frequency) words all week! We had some review of silent e (or super-e). We watched a short video where Super-e changed the vowel sounds to long vowels (when they say their name). We even watched a one minute video of Ninja-e!! Another name for silent e! Either way, Super-e, or Ninja-e, that vowel sound is long, and the e is silent! Great review! Makayla gave us some helpful tips for quiet reading today. She explained how you can take more than one book, a few, just as she did on Friday! Not only was she a quiet reader the entire 20 minutes, she wasn't walking around or talking to friends! Well done Makayla! What a fabulous tip!! Like Kaela says... "Read a lot, it will make you smart!" Got that right Kaela! We read a Hanukkah story today and learned about the miracle of the oil lasting for 8 days! Wow! We also noticed how 5 friends in 2W celebrate both Christmas and Hanukkah! Wow! Who knew? Pretty cool when you get to celebrate two holidays at the same time! Neat!
In math we practiced more with place value and used our learning to skip count... but with 3 digit numbers!! We picked up the patterns pretty quickly too (even Ms. Worthley was surprised at the pace of our learning today)!! Next, we practiced writing the numbers ourselves. Again, fantastic job friends! Excellent! Cali ran her first math meeting and did a great job with the calendar, money, "days in school", and weather graphing. Great job Cali! And what a supportive, attentive, respectful audience we had too!
We ended our afternoon with work board jobs while Ms. W. met with reading groups! Very productive day friends, how about another one tomorrow! Tomorrow there will be a music performance with young musicians from Sunderland Elementary School! Can't wait! See you then!

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