Monday, December 12, 2011

Silent e, and Weekend Stories!!

Welcome back from the weekend! Time to get busy! Makayla started us off with a great morning meeting! We sang Mister Sun, greeted friends with he koosh, and played the double clothespin game (quite a challenge today)!! Well done Makayla! Nest, it was off to spelling and word study with our new rule, silent e!! So powerful it can change vowel sounds just by hanging out at the end of words!! We sorted words according to their long vowel sound, while paying close attention to the silent e (and even used word wall words today too)! Cool!
Writing workshop was all about personal narratives... we call them "weekend stories" in second grade! Even though some friends thought they had "nothing to write about" they used effort, fortitude, and determination, to wring a story out of an uneventful weekend. After all, we write every day because research shows that (like with reading), practicing writing, every day, makes you a BETTER WRITER! So... we write! Good job friends!
In math we too what we've learned about place value, and 3 digit numbers, and compared numbers to each other using the greater than (>), less than (<), and equals (=) signs. We reviewed base 10 blocks to begin our thinking, and moved on to short notation of numbers to compare! In read aloud we read a new book donated to our class by Mrs. Cialek called The Snow Must Go ON! We talked about the play on words, and enjoyed this sweet story about the south pole (yes, equally as cold as the north pole, but with out all the "holiday" glory) and their effort to get some ATTENTION! Thank you Mrs. Cialek for giving us such a wonderful book! Great Monday friends! Tomorrow, PE... sneakers please!


  1. Hi name is Karen Fruzzetti...Harrison's grandmother! Just a quick comment to tell you how much I enjoy your classroom blog.
    I just retired after 30 yrs in elem not only does this give me a chance to see great learning...but see my grandson in action! I also fully appreciate the time it takes to do this...but how powerful and wonderful at the same time. let's me peek inside tour wonderful classroom from Plymouth,Ma Thanks for sharing your community with me!

  2. Greetings Karen! Welcome to our wonderful universe! Harrison has shared you with us, and actually references you in his VIP celebration (to be shared on Friday)! Be sure to check it out! I truly love this gig, and love sharing it with parents and family! That's why I do it! Stay tuned!!