Friday, December 9, 2011

FRIDAY... And It Was A Good One!!

Way to get the day started Lola! Oh Susana song was great (though I'm working on Rudolph), with the koosh greeting! Nice job! We did a great job on our buddy test in spelling, and it was on to writing workshop and dialogue journals. A unique way to use our writing to express thoughts, ideas, feelings, frustration, or even stories! Ms. W. modeled how writers participate in writing workshop, even when they think they don't have anything to write about. Writing every day is important practice, and will make every friend a better writer! Quiet reading was full of holiday stories, Harrison's browsing box books, and library books! Well done second grade! In math today we reviewed place value with 3 digit numbers. Using base 10 blocks, we wrote numbers up to 3 digits, and even stretched our thinking to write the number that would be next! Challenging! We will continue to practice place value, as this kind of practice is all about NUMBERS... thinking about numbers, how they work, and noticing patterns!
We finished Frindle today, and loved the ending! Nick Allen leaves one million dollars in a scholarship fund, and Mrs. Granger turns out to be super nice???? Who knew?! Great story!
Jake was our VIP today, and we ended the day with stories and memories that helped us learn even more about our awesome friend! No one tells a story with more enthusiasm or expression than Jake, and we loved every minute of pictures and listening to important moments in his life (and important people as well)! I don't know about you, but I could listen to Jake ALL DAY, and still WANT MORE!! Well done Jake! You are one very special kid. They broke the mold after you, my friend!
We wished our UMass student teacher well today, as she is off to bigger challenges in the graduate world of becoming a student and teacher! We loved having her, and students shared some thoughtful memories, and appreciation with Katelyn at the end of our day. Happy weekend! Sleep, rest, heal, and have some fun!!

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