Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Tamales, Summaries, and Algebraic Equations!!

Greetings Friends! Another busy day, but Ms. Worthley forgot the camera in school (DANG!), so will post pictures tomorrow! Pictures or not, it was a busy day in second grade! Students used their pre-writing from yesterday's writing workshop and crafted summaries of a wonderful story called Too Many Tamales. Students payed attention to write events in our summary in sequence with the events as they occurred in the story! Lots of concentration and thoughtful effort goes into a well written summary! Authors shared afterward, and gosh, was it hard to choose ONLY 2 summaries, there were so MANY!!!! And they were SO WONDERFUL!! WOW! Next it was on to quiet reading, and reviewing what makes a a good book choice for 15-20 minutes of sustained, quiet reading. Holiday books are still a very popular choice, and I have some super secret surprises in store for quiet reading tomorrow! Can't wait to share some of the fabulous reading gifts donated to our classroom by our very own Mrs. Cialek! Thank you Mrs. Cialek, for your generosity and kindness! Happy reading! Today was Cafe Sun day, and Tia treated us to a beautiful song in both German and English! Well done Tia, now that takes courage, practice, and talent!
In math we took what we've learned about place value and comparing numbers in equations to the next level!! Using symbols to compare equations... not just numbers! Equations take on many looks in second grade, and learning about it all is our goal! We looked at and solved equations with 2 or more addends on each side, and had to determine the missing symbol (<. >. or =). Lots of mathematical thinking and holding on to information (mental math)! Well done! Brady ushered in another wonderful math meeting, and then it was on to a brand new work board! Woohoo! The new work board is full of holiday inspired literacy challenges! Can't wait to get back to work tomorrow! Thursday is a library day, so bring in library books so you can borrow more tomorrow!

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