Tuesday, December 6, 2011

James!!!!! Our VIP!!

Catching everyone up on our little blog... and this time, James is the star! James shared special family memories and showed us how he was in the news when he went to NYC! Pretty cool James! Well done James! Our new VIP next week will be Jake! Can't WAIT for that one!! We also talked about how good readers make book choices, and what a book feels like when it's "just right". After some review and peer recommendations we all picked new "quiet reading spots" in the classroom that will encourage quiet focused reading, and what an improvement! Hard work, and learning takes effort and concentration, fortitude and endurance, and we're working hard in second grade on making the best choices for our learning! Remember, when you're DONE or when you're always right, you're not really thinking or learning! When you're thinking (even when you're wrong) you're learning! Keep up the good wwork second graders!

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