Thursday, December 1, 2011

Welcome December!!

Very interesting Thursday, to say the least! There is one serious (take no prisoners) kind of a stomach bug going around, and we had a revolving door full of action with Nurse Jeannie today! Whoah! Take care, get lots of sleep, and WASH HANDS!!!! One reason part of our checking into school routine is hand washing! Very important!
So, on to our Thursday... Zenani started our day with This Land Is Your Land, the Earth toss greeting, and the clothespin game (of course)! Well done Zenani! We used our spelling words to stretch our thinking with synonyms, and used what we learned about consonant blends to find and sort words! Writing workshop was all about the paragraph! A special kind of writing where we choose a topic, and write details about that topic. Students practiced writing a topic sentence, three supporting details, and a concluding sentence! Several friends shared at the end of writing workshop during author's share! Hard work, and we'll practice writing paragraphs often in second grade!
We ushered in December (though it felt more like September), so it was the perfect time to create our December calendars! We reviewed days of the week, and months of the year, and made our very own calendars, an important tool to keep track of important birth dates, events, holidays, and play dates, of course!
Ms. Shumacher read from Frindle today and we continue to form (and even change) our opinions about both Nick and Ms. Granger!
We did have a few serious moments today where we talked about making good choices for our learning in second grade. Students were asked to reflect on our day today, and use words or pictures to think of how tomorrow could be a better day. Feel free to talk with your student, if you'd like, about making good choices for learning in second grade. I'm sure we can do better, and can't wait to give it a try tomorrow! Get ready... it's time for fun Friday!

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