Thursday, December 15, 2011

Jame's Morning Meeting and Quiet Readers!

Howdy Folks! What a busy productive Thursday! James started us off with a great morning meeting! The Chicken Lips song (ewww!), the Sponge Bob greeting, and the clothespin game! Well done James! We reviewed our spelling rule... silent e, and sorted our words according to vowel sounds, and meaning! Next we used our spelling words in writing workshop to craft some exciting sentences! Taking care to begin with capital letters, use proper punctuation, and correct spelling, of course! Quiet reading was very well done today. We especially enjoyed Jan Brett's new book Home For Christmas thanks to Mrs. Cialek and her generous gift of several new books she offered to our class (thanks Mrs. Cialek)!! In math, we took what we've learned about place value and comparing numbers and tried story problems! Math was definitely full of many reading jobs, as well as number value (place value), writing numbers, and ordinal numbers! Brady knocked out another fantastic math meeting too! Great job Brady!
Work board couldn't have gone any better. Students worked cooperatively and independently on literacy activities while other met in reading groups with Ms. Worthley! Very well done! Very proud of everyone, and your work showed the kind of effort and care you brought today! Very well done indeed! Tomorrow... Harry's VIP (can't wait) and homework is due!
On another note to parents, we just ran out of extra (classroom) back up snack and would love a donation of some simpe pretzels or crackers please! Thanks!!

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