Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Thank You Russell Family and Mark Snow!

How do you thank Lola's grandfather and local business owner Mark Snow for their exceedingly generous donation to Sunderland Elementary School in support of keeping the arts in school??? At an All School Sing, of course! Our generous benefactors hosted one fantastic golf tournament and donated all the proceeds to our little elementary school! WOW! Outstanding! Our deepest thanks and gratitude to not only our generous hosts, but to all who participated in what hopes to become an annual event! We are grateful, indeed, and believe in your support of art and music as an essential part of every student's education!! Next it was on to Cali's morning meeting! She helped us compare characters Paul and Prudence (from the story Don't Call Me Pruneface!) using a venn diagram! Two very different characters in many ways, though similar as well. Well done Cali! Great preparation for our work in writing workshop later when we craft our summaries! And that's exactly what we did! Using our pre-writing story maps from yesterday, we reviewed this very entertaining story, and wrote in our reading logs! So many students wrote such thoughtful summaries that it was hard to narrow down who would share at authors share today! In the end, four friends shared their work and talked about how pre-writing really helped us prepare for the work and thought needed for summary writing today! Very hard work friends, and very well done!!
The Holiday Books made their appearance today during quiet reading, and certainly peaked the interest of many readers! We talked about how different cultures share so many wonderful celebrations at this time of year, and can't wait to read about it!
In math, it was pocket day, and that's exactly what we did, but with a new twist! After recording the number of pockets and making our pocket-total predictions, it was up to us, to make friendly numbers and show our thinking! Students worked in teams to show how they added so many numbers, and how they made their adding easier with friendly numbers (numbers that work together). After all that work, we were ready to go back to our predictions and assess which prediction was closest! Lot's of work and mathematical thinking! Great teamwork as well! Another great day friends!
Library tomorrow... library books please!

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