Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Harry's Meeting and a Holiday Concert!

Way to get the day started Harrison! His meeting started by singing Daddy's Takin' Us to the Zoo, and the koosh toss greeting! Nice Harry! We sorted our high frequency spelling words, along with silent e words in spelling today. We also used our dictionary to find our bonus word: generous. Writing workshop was our monthly "check-in" with our Monthly Writing Sample journals. This is a special kind of writing where we actually SEE how our writing gets better... improves... each month! The only rule is, no help from teachers... all independent writing (YIKES)! Good practice, and very validating, seeing our writing improve, right before our very eyes!! Wow!
In math, we worked with numbers again (I mean, that's why they call it math...) and using three digit numbers, practiced writing numbers before, after, and in between! Not so easy when the number shown is 329. What's next? Keep all those digits in the right place, what changes, what is one more? Lots of thinking, mental math, and organizing!
We ended the day in the gym with a room full of SES musicians! Trumpeters, violinists, cellists, singers, and more! We ended our music assembly with a song, a round, with everyone! Couldn't help but notice Julienne and his sweet singing voice as he sang along with the 4th, 5th and 6th graders! His singing just about stopped us in our tracks! Beautiful Julienne. Great way to end the day! Tomorrow... PE and work board! Bring your brain, your curiosity, your questions, and your gusto for knowledge, because we have two more awesome days to go in second grade! Can't wait!


  1. Wow. What a hard working second grade class. Always busy and having some fun too. Only 2 more days and well deserved holiday break for all. Thank you second grade teachers for all you do for the class.

    Jakes mom

  2. Indeed, we are busy Julie, and loving every minute of every challenge! Hope everyone enjoys a peaceful vacation! Rest up everyone, 2012 will bring lots of excitement for 2W!!