Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Meetings, Dictionaries, and More Summaries!!!

What a GREAT DAY! Second grade is back on the map, for sure!!! Full of meetings, games, dictionaries, and math challenges! Let's start with Danny's awesome morning meeting! We enthusiastically sang Rockin' Robin, greeted friends with the koosh, and played the clothespin game! Fun! We also learned a new game called Sparkle! It's a spelling game where we work together to spell words and help each other out with lifelines, when the spelling gets a little tricky! A true team building, spelling, and listening game! In the end, one friend is left standing... as a result of everyone working together (go Zenani!!). We practiced our spelling words by sorting them according to blends (nk) and digraphs (ng). We used dictionaries (YAY!!! LOVE IT!) to look up spelling words with partners, and reviewed what guide words are, and how abc order and dictionaries help us with words (meaning, pronunciation, tenses, and word structure). I can't tell if we like working with dictionaries more, or working in teams more? Either way, I'll take it! Well done! We have a new book theme on display this week, Holiday stories! Kwaanza, Christmas, Hanukkah, Divali, and New Years, just to name a few! The new books have really sparked some great "text to self" connections! Happy reading for second graders in December!
In writing workshop we read a new story called "Don't Call Me Pruneface" to help us craft summaries. We listened carefully to this story of an unlikely friendship that blossoms by the end, with some very compelling characters and their pets! We focused on the beginning, middle, and end of the story, and practiced our writing using a story map. More with summaries and Pruneface tomorrow!
In math we continued working with lucky number 13 and practiced fact families! Important vocabulary included words like equation, addition, sum, subtraction, difference, and turn around fact! We wrote all our fact families today, and you could have heard a pin drop! Wow, the concentration was amazing! Every friend learned their fact families for 13 today! Well done! We talked about doubles as well, and wondered if 13 would have any "double" facts. After some practice and thinking Owen shared his discovery that 13 does NOT have any doubles facts because it's an odd number! Wow! That's what I call mathematical thinking at it's best! Yuni hosted a wonderful math meeting, full of lots of participation, eager contributors, and very good manners! I agree Yuni, on a scale of 1-5 (1, not good, 5 GREAT) your meeting was indeed, a 5! Great job friends!

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