Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Dictionaries, Homophones, and "High-Low-Middle"!

Greetings Friends! Today started with a great morning meeting! Well done Lannashia! We used our word study principle to gather more meaning from our spelling words.. homophones! Words that sound the same, but have very different meanings! Friends looked up the meaning of words, used them properly in a sentence, and then shared their work! They're, their, and there... harder than it seems, but each friend used their homophones properly and shared beautifully! We read some of our "mystery letter friends" letters and tried to guess who sent us these well written, detailed riddles about their identity! Peter guessed it was Olivia, who truly is "a girl" and has "the bluest eyes". Fun! More letters later this week! Writing workshop was full of dialogue journals and included a variety of writing. In math in the afternoon we played "high, low, middle"! Using cards, we placed them in order to form the highest and lowest numbers. We had our partners check our thinking, and had a great time practicing place value with this game! Well done second graders! We ended the day with music and more opera! Great day second graders!

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